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Croatian wine brand Krauthaker has proven its worth. The juries of Decanter World Wine Awards, the most prestigious competition of the kind in the world, have awarded the company with no less than seven medals. Golden status was achieved by Krauthaker izborna berba prosusenih bobica 2012 and Krauthaker Kuvlahke Manzoni 2013 wines. The first one is a sweet dessert wine, nectar both complex and elegant that goes well with a refined company. Meanwhile, the awarded Manzoni was made in accordance with Georgian tradition and without addition of sulfites, leading to a sophisticated wine that is produced in limited quantities.

Bronze acknowledgement was given to Krauthaker Grasevina Vidim 2017, Krauthaker Zelenac izborna berba prosusenih bobica 2011, Krauthaker Mercs 2013, Krauthaker Pinot crni 2013 and Krauthaker Mitrovac 2016.

“We are very pleased with results achieved at this year’s Decanter Awards. The medals we won are confirmation of our hard work, passion and dedication throughout the years,” Vlado Krauthaker explained to Croatia Times source. “The production of wines was never just a job to us, but something we invest our love in. And it is a love in which we have utmost commitment.”

Croatian wines are undiscovered feature of the country. Explore their fascinating world during your summer stay.

Photo: Krauthaker Wines