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Krafna is a popular snack in Balkan region, usually translated to English language as donut. Technically speaking, this is very wrong. The two delicacies are quite different, even in shape and taste. But maybe because of their widespread consummation, they became tied by translation. A kind of large fritulas, krafnas are usually being eaten during carnivals and celebrations of the kind. However, pastries and bakeries always have them on their shelves, so they are available throughout the year.

If you plan to make your own krafna cakes, be aware that kitchen in which they are prepared should be warm! Following the directions in this recipe will lead you to 16 of these lovely delicacies.

What You Will Need

2 eggs

1 yolk

600 g flour

150 ml warm milk

2 spoons of rum

1 lemon

Some apricot jam

Frying Oil

Sugar Powder

For Krafna Yeast:

40 g fresh yeast

2 spoons of sugar

150 ml warm milk

Krafna Preparation

Mix milk, sugar and yeast. Leave for ten minutes on a warm and dry place. Spread the flour over the table, and add eggs, yolks and yeast. Stir the mixture, occasionally pouring some milk. At the very end, add rum and some grated lemon skin.

Knead the dough until small bubbles emerge, and the mixture starts to decollate from the edges of the jar. It will usually take up to 30 minutes of kneading for this to start happening. Leave for an hour on a warm place, and the mixture will double in size.

Once the dough is ready, put it on the surface previously covered with flour. Knead it again and leave for another 15 minutes. Use kitchen roller to receive a pizza-like form of 1 cm thickness. Use glass and knife to cut out the circle-like shapes, and leave for another 30 minutes on warm spot. Each of them will slowly form into a krafna shape.

Insert krafnas into a larger quantity of hot oil. Cover them, and wait until they receive a nice golden color. Once they are nicely done, put them on the kitchen paper and soak the extra oil.

On the frying pan, melt the apricot jam with 2 spoons of water and wait until it cools down. Stuff each krafna with it, and cover them with sugar powder. Congratulations! You made your own krafnas! Best served next to a cup of tea and coffee.

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