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You might love Korcula for its fortified towns and numerous sights of untouched nature, but are they lovely enough for Island to become a destination of your wedding? According to, a portal of local professional photography studio- yes! As a matter of fact, Korcula is a perfect locality for your nuptial blessings, as proven by album of Alisha and Brane, who recently took their marital vows on the spot.

As we plan details about Alisha and Brane’s big Australian~Croatian wedding in September, we can’t help but to ask ourselves and public, why is Island of Korcula not YET recognized as a popular wedding destination in Croatia? Everyone is getting married in Dubrovnik, Hvar or even Vis, and Korcula (also) has over 1000 years of historic beauty waiting to be seen! And the landscape scenes? Oh my God!

This is the first part of Alisha and Brane’s engagement session we did on Korucla. As temperatures are still high during the day, and we all like to wake up in dawn (we don’t, but our kids do!), we decided to make a first part of our session early in the morning at 7:30AM in beautiful small place called Racisce. I think that it was the earliest session I ever did.

Alisha and Brane were great, just a pinch nervous until that morning coffee kicked in and they saw first pictures show up on back of the camera.

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