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What is konoba?

Croatia has a very strong gastronomic identity, meaning that every delicacy on nation’s table has a story to tell. Konoba is a word which describes a traditional restaurant, usually attached to Dalmatian culinary culture. Found virtually across the entire Adriatic coast, konobas will offer you regional specialties prepared in the old ways of Croatian cooking mastery. These diners will often be uniquely decorated- for example, they might have fishing nets spread over ceiling, or have old musical instruments at display for viewer’s pleasure. Rustic and romantic, konobas are the best place to enjoy Croatian kitchen.


How can I pay for a parking spot in Croatia?

Depending on the site you visit, several options are available. Here are the most common procedures: Once you park your vehicle, seek for a parking machine which looks like a metal wardrobe installed on the pavement. The instructions are written on the machine, and are available in several languages. Basically, you will have to insert money (accepting both paper and coin currency) for every hour of parking, depending on the zone in which you are located. The zone will be displayed on the machine itself. If you did everything accordingly, a small piece of paper will be released, and you are supposed to put it on the interior side of your windshield. That way, parking officials patrolling the area will recognize your payment, and won’t have to charge you a daily ticket.

Another way of paying for the parking is by SMS message. Instructions for this protocol will also be displayed on the machine. However, check out whether your mobile contractor will allow this service to run. It is advisable to check out the details about this topic before arriving to the destination. Contact the tourist board of the locality you intend to visit.

Can I pay with Euros in Croatia?

In vast majority of cases- no. Croats still use their national currency called kuna (HRK). One kuna consists of 100 lipa, and at the time of writing this text, for one Euro you will receive approximately 7.50 kunas. There are a lot of exchange offices in Croatia, even in smaller settlements, so changing your money shouldn’t be much of a trouble.

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