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Our field team of photographers couldn’t resist visiting Brodski Varos settlement and taking a few photos of animal kingdom’s starry couple: Klepetan & Malena. Only one day after the male stork returned from distant Africa to his faithful spouse, people around the world are already being informed about this unique story of love, nature and dedication.

Klepetan & Malena

For those puzzled by this piece of news, read our post from yesterday and everything should be perfectly clear to you. And then come back here, and enjoy these truly unique photographs of Klepetan & Malena. If visiting Slavonia, pay your respect to the couple, but don’t stay too long. They really need some intimacy after half year’s time of separation. However, we do believe they will gladly pose for you, and won’t mind you updating their photos to our Facebook Wall.

Check out the wonderful gallery of storks in love in our photo gallery below:



Hello, I am a reporter from IFLScience, a popular science news website. I was hoping to obtain a photo of Malena and Klepetan to use for our story. Please let me know if this would be possible!
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Thanks for your interest Aliyah. We have sent you an e-mail.


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