Like Croatia Sinke

There is a distinctive common ground of people around the world. No matter from which country or culture they arrive, they all share love for tasty cookies.  And if their globetrotting leads them to main airport of Croatian capital, they might try Keks na Eks, a local cookie brand with a twist. And one might add, with attitude as well.

The brand’s name rhymes in Croatian, and can be literally translated as A Cookie You Eat Fast. It was founded by Mirena Skaric, known under nickname Prettyface Durda, who also authored the recipes of the delicacies themselves. Working as an interior designer as well as a cookie chef, this imaginative individual has gained quite a lot of fame recently. Keks na Eks cookies were among the most popular items during last Holiday Season in Croatia, and their package may serve as great souvenir gift. The boxes were designed by Studio Mireldy.

But what is the secret of these popular cookies? Their success has much to do with the used ingredients and combination of tastes they provide. Coming in aromas such as sljivovica spirit and local red wine blends, they are as original as they can possibly be.

“Once we settled on the name, the things we used in preparation just came to our mind,” Durda explained to Croatia Times source. “It took some time for  us to reach a perfect balance, as we worked with a lot of liquids. Strong drinks are especially difficult, as they evaporate fast, together with the taste.”

“We are still improving our recipe for Plavac wine cookies. We seek blends which provide quality, but are affordable for our needs.”

At the time of writing this coverage, Keks na Eks can be only bought on Franjo Tudman airport of Zagreb. However, orders are accepted through Durda Prettyface’s e-mail:
However, one can expect the products to reach the shelves of Croatian shops in the near future.

Photo: Sanjin Kastelan