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We all enjoy that feeling of excitement when prepping for a vacation.  From packing your luggage in a neat way to double-checking the whereabouts of your airline ticket, getting ready for an upcoming holidays is literally a ritual of its own. But did you think about means of communication during your stay in a foreign country?

Marina Dalmacija: Welcoming Sight

VIP mobile services wish to be your partner on holidays in Croatia, and provide you with a reliable and efficient way to keep in touch with your family, friends and keep them updated on social networks.  Simply acquire a Vipme Tourist 4G SIM Card, put it into your device and start using the best service for foreign visitors in Croatia.

It doesn’t matter whether you wish to stream your video of swimming next to Adriatic beaches or snap a photo of a tasty dinner in local restaurant. As a Vipme tourist client, you have unlimited surfing, stable connection and top Internet speeds.

Bacvice is Ready for Summer

In case you wish to hear from your folks back home, this service comes with great prices on international calls and SMS messages. Local calls are even more affordable, as buying Vipme Tourist 4G SIM Card provides you with 100 minutes/SMS messages towards all networks in Croatia, with no setup charges.

Seget beach

Vipme Tourist 4G SIM Card costs only 80 HRK / 10.50 €, and is available in newsstands, gas stations, supermarkets, Post Offices and VIP stores in Croatia.  Each card comes with one week of unlimited surfing, 100 minutes/SMS messages within Croatia, affordable pricing of international minutes/SMS messages and a selection of free Croatian-themed Viber stickers.

The card itself is a TRIO SIM, meaning it comes in standard, micro and nano formats. This allows you to use it with your smart phone, tablet, laptop or WiFi modems. If the device supports 4G, you will have full access to highest Internet speeds available in Croatia.

Five Reasons Why People Visit Croatia

Once the week expires or you run out of call time, simply send a free SMS to number 13220 containing the keyword WEEKLY. This will provide you with additional seven days of unlimited Internet usage and extra 100 minutes/ SMS messages to local networks. The price for this topping is 75 HRK / 10 €.

In case you just need online access for only one day, send a free SMS to number 13220 with the keyword DAILY, and enjoy unlimited Internet surfing for 15 HRK / 2 € in the next 24 hours.

Novalja, 29.06.2014 - Nulti dan popularnog Hideout festivala u Novalji na Pagu

Keep your family and friends close even as you travel through beauties of Croatia. With Vipme Tourist 4G SIM Card, you are always one click away from a friendly face.

VIP: Partner for Your Holidays



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