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If you are a frequent reader of Like Croatia, then you already know these guys. Croatian shepherds are one of country’s domestic dog breeds, and are considered among the oldest canine species in Europe. They have black, curly fur and energetic metabolism. Also, as every other shepherd kind, they have a high intelligence and are very loyal to their owners.

One such owner of two dogs has visited Maksimir, Zagreb’s large park. The animals, naturally, didn’t find reasons to remain calm once released. They begun to run through Maksimir forest and jump over logs, chasing each other and thrilling the numerous human audience. One viewer was our photographer Marko Todorov, who took several pictures of these happy dogs.

In Croatia, parks are never closed and pets are generally allowed to enter. However, they should be on a leash and kept away from children area, usually involving sandboxes and climbers. You also need to carry nylon bags, used for removing any waste your pet might make during the visit to the park. This can be disposed in special containers, or regular trash cans, as long as the bag in entangled.

Pets have access to specially tagged beaches, but are not allowed to use those declared for general audience.


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