Like Croatia Sinke

In the far east of Croatia lies the town of Vinkovci, with the Bosut River in its close vicinity. Some parts of it are swimmable but authorities warn that unattended beaches are not safe and should be approached with maximum caution. Fishing on Bosut is much more preferable.

The river is, however, interesting for other reasons. Even ancient Romans spoke of it as a unique river, because it changes its flow during the day. In the morning, it moves west to east, only to go change its direction in the afternoon, when currents draw to the west.

How is such a thing possible? There are two possibilities. The first is that the river is full of fairies which use their magic wands to change its direction. The other option is more scientific. It says that the flow of Bosut is sometimes so slow that stronger wind rush the surface in the opposite direction of the flowing river, creating the illusion of the river changing its direction.

Be it a matter of fairies or wind, Bosut is just one of the many sights you can enjoy in Slavonia and the town of Vinkovci.


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