Like Croatia Sinke

As previously announced on Like Croatia, the Capital of Zagreb has a rather unique feature this year. It is a large open air ice-skating rink open for general audience. The structure is located on the Square of King Tomislav, the first recognized ruler of Croats. Being situated next to the main train station, to many visitors of Croatian capital the rink is the first thing they see upon arrival to Croatian capital.

The Icepark has been inspired by similar structure in Vienna, the renowned Austrian city to which Zagreb is often compared to. It opens its icy door at 10 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. meaning a few jumps over frozen surface could be a nice introduction to nightlife of Croatian Capital.

The ticket for the rink costs 20 HRK /2.60 €, while skates are available for 10 HRK / 1.30 €. Such prices are very affordable, especially if you know that price is not time related. Once you get your skates on, and plunge on joyous Tomislav rink, you can stay as long as you wish (or can).

This contemporary photo of the IcePark of King Tomislav Square was brought to you by our reader and frequent media contributor Tomislav Grzincic. If you have similar photos of Croatia, feel free to share them with our Facebook Community, and earn a chance of getting your work published on our website.


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