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You know what 4K means, don’t you? In case you don’t, let’s just say it is a very crisp picture, allowing you to see details on your screen previously unimaginable. Of course, that is if you have a screen which can present 4K resolution image, meaning it comes from the very novel generation of technological gadgets. If you are among the lucky bunch, the following footage of Hvar in 4K might be the best clip of Croatia you’ll see this year.

Ofcourse, you don’t need a monster monitor to see the footage in lesser resolutions. Just click play above, and leave the rest to small people living in your computer.

Hvar is considered to be the “celebrity island “of Croatia, since a lot of internationally known personalities have visited its pleasing shores. Despite that unique feature, it is still a very romantic and crowds-free destination in Croatia, perfectly suitable for a peaceful vacation.

The footage above is courtesy of Cities in 4K project, an initiative to film fascinating urban settlements in high-tech resolution. Visit their official website here and don’t hesitate to add your own home to their list of featured cities.

If Hvar in 4K inspired you to see Hvar in real life, consider booking your airline ticket to this great Croatian destination and spend a great summer on its unique coastline (celebrities you befriend not included in price).




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