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Hvar counts as Croatia’s most popular island, much thanks to the large number of international celebrities arriving on daily basis during summer months. But away from classy nightclubs and wild parties, lies a small settlement of Humac. With its unique setting, it draws people desiring peace and tranquility on their vacation.

Humac was slowly constructed by residents of the neighboring Vrisnik. Or better say, by generations of shepherds who built small stone houses in order to hide from rainy weather on their duty. After a while, the number of these structures increased, and Humac came into existence. However, it did not have a permanent population, and technically looked like an abandoned village.

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As years passed, Humac lost its importance, but people of Vrisnik didn’t want the settlement to vanish. They invested in the small stony estates, some having three centuries in age, and transformed Humac into a romantic eco-village.

Thanks to these caring and wise people, Humac became an original and lovely tourist destination. Surrounded by fields of lavender and wine yards, it has a perfect view on surrounding Adriatic and Isle of Brac, located opposite of Hvar.

In Humac, you won’t find modern architectural materials, such as plastic or aluminum. As a matter of fact, the village lacks electrical infrastructure, and water is pumped from underground wells. The whole point of being in the village is to experience life as it used to be in old times.

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Visitors can enjoy Croatian delicacies in a charming restaurant. Situated in a large stone house, it serves dishes made by traditional recipes, with fresh ingredients harvested on agricultural areas surrounding Humac. The settlement’s Church hosts one Mass a year. Sea can be reached with car in ten minutes, while Grapceva Spilja cave is only two kilometers away, together with its bat colony.

In other words, if you want to time travel on your vacation, come to beautiful village of Humac.


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