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Most people travelling to Croatia dream about having dinner in one of the country’s fancy coastal restaurants. You know the drill: tender music in the background, nice outfits, burning candles, great food and wine, everything cozy and tidy.

Most people dream of spending their time like that in Croatia. But not everyone. Some just want to get dirty. Croatian mud – its dust, dirt and sand – they want it all over themselves.  Here’s a guide for these people on where they can get dirty in Croatia.

Get dirty on beaches

What’s the first thing associated with being dirty? Well, mud of course. The bane of clothes and arch enemy of detergents, it can turn a gorgeous looking gown into a cleaning rag within one second. But not all mud is evil. Some can actually be beneficial for your skin. And you can find it in Croatia.

Certain geo-biological processes found in the sea create a clay-like layer on its shores. Its scientific term is peloid, but people usually refer to it as healing mud. It features a high level of minerals, and spreading it over your bare skin infuses these through the pores of your body.

Getting yourself dirty with this mud will rid you of rheumatic disorders and skin diseases. International laboratories have also confirmed it can be used to treat female sterility.

Where can you find these beaches in Croatia? We already mentioned the one in the town of Nin. It’s called Kraljicina plaza (“Queen’s Beach”), and it features a large quantity of peloid layers. Another healing mud area nearby is Mostina Beach in the settlement of Privlaka.

Healing mud can also be found near the town of Crikvenica (valley of Lokvisce) and on Blace Cove on Peljesac.

Islands which have this unique dirty feature include Krk (Melina Beach, also known as Blato, which means mud), Pasman (Talina Cove) and Pag (one of the city beaches).

Get dirty on motorcycles

You know everything from the title. Lovers of horse-power and motor oil can have their share of mud in Croatia as well (this time, the mud unfortunately comes without medical benefits). We are talking about the motocross experience, of course.

Croatia has a considerable number of motocross tracks. The one called Mladina is just a few kilometers away from Zumberak- Samobor Hills and serves as the site of the nation’s annual grand-prix race.

The city of Osijek and charming town of Pozega also hide their own motocross tracks, and just watching a racing event there will surely leave a few muddy spots on your outfit. For maximum dirt, position yourself in watching areas next to curves.

Dreaming about trying these tracks out on your own? For that, and all additional information regarding dirt racing stuff, contact the Croatian Motorcycle Alliance at

Get dirty on farms

We already wrote about Croatian agrotourism, a special kind of vacation spent in the countryside during which you actually participate in everyday farm life. You will learn a lot of things urban people don’t have a clue about, and you will get dirty in every possible way.  See your options on where to do so here.

Get dirty above and under ground

Simple walks won’t harm your looks unless they last for three hours and are surrounded by stunning (but not always clean) nature.  Having a long walk around islands such as Cres will surely provide you with positive impressions of the area, but might give you a stain or two as you cross more demanding parts of the track. The same goes for routes to Sljeme, the mountain above Zagreb.

If simple walking around is not enough for you, how about climbing sessions in Paklenica National Park? It’s a world of blots and spots just waiting to invade your gear and skin. But if you prefer a more cool climate, diving into the voids of Croatian caves and grottos might be a more convenient solution.

Get dirty with animals

Getting dirty usually involves physical activity, unless you want to sit down and wait for dust to cover your body. So how about putting your wits and muscles for a good use? Zagreb’s Volunteer Center can always give you a hint or two on how to getting dirty while doing charity work on your vacation. These people had their share of international projects, so you can expect them to know a lot of foreign languages.

And if you love animals, try getting dirty volunteering for Krila Association, which organizes therapeutic horse riding. Children with physical difficulties like to mount these fascinating creatures, as riding provides a unique sense of mobility and boosts self-confidence in young riders. But horsies live in stables, and volunteers working inside can get dirty in a lot of ways.  Naturally, if you feel like taking a break, you can opt to do work in the outdoors, such as fixing the fences and taking care of the pastures.

Whatever way you choose to make yourself unclean in Croatia, have fun! Actually, it can’t be the other way.



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