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Written by: Cody McClain Brown


Missed the beginning? Here are parts one, two and three of this five-part post. If you’ve done any homework you should be ready for six:


Step six: Dress the part.


Unlike in the U.S., where it now seems acceptable to wear anything anywhere (like pajamas to an early morning college class), Croatians still take pride in their appearance. And they would probably appreciate it if you did the same. What does that mean? Sandals, yes. Socks, no. Sandals and socks, NEVER! My first summer in Croatia, my mother-in-law didn’t even let me leave the house until I agreed to either wear pants and not shorts, or take off my white, I’m-from-Oklahoma-socks.


And remember, you’re going to the beach, not on safari. Stash that HUGE backpack in the hotel room. When you go out in the evening try putting on a collared shirt or a less wrinkled t-shirt. The locals will hate you less, and if you’re dressed the right way, maybe you will even end up with your own Croatian mother-in-law.


Step seven: Try Rakija.


You can get most foreign alcoholic drinks in Croatia, but can you get most Croatian drinks in foreign countries? (See what I did there?) Answer: probably not. So when in Croatia try some Croatian spirits. Here, nothing gets more domestic than rakija. Ever wanted to know what a rose tastes like? Well in Croatia you can, because rakija is made out of everything, including ROSES: plums, figs, cherries, grapes, walnuts, honey, quince (I’m not really sure what that is) and even HERBS! Herbs? Yes. Herbs. What’s more, a lot of locals also subscribe to rakija’s purported medicinal benefits. That’s right! Not only can you get drunk off roses, but it may even be healthy for you! God I love Croatia.


Stop by tomorrow to read the final installment of How to be Croatian. Until then, read more by Cody on Croatia here.


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