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A perfect spot for romantic gateway, Hotel Osam might be the next Croatian destination of choice for you and significant other. It is located on Dalmatian Island of Brac, or more precisely, in lovely and always-desired town of Supetar. With a rooftop bar overlooking the crystal-blue waves of Adriatic shoreline, it will surely get you in the mood for dining next to candles.

Hotel Osam

Hotel Osam is an adult hotel, meaning it is designed to be a spot for romantic seclusion of couples. Groups of grown-ups are welcome too, while the complex’s restaurant is open to visitors of all ages. This policy is also active in the luxurious villa next to a hotel, so families with children also have a reason to visit Osam.

But why would somebody name a hotel “Osam”, meaning “Eight” in Croatian language? Brac-American owner Marion Duzich explains his decision with smile on his face. “It took eight years for me to arrange all the paperwork, permits, workforce and materials for opening the hotel. In order to celebrate the end of my waiting, I decided to name the site Osam.”

The waiting really paid off for Duzich. After merely a year on market, the influential website proclaimed Osam the best small adult hotel in Europe. Such prestigious title has put Osam in the very top of Croatia’s tourist offer.

Hotel Osam

The hotel’s structure used to be one of the oldest hotels on Brac, called Tamaris. Yet, thanks to Marion’s ingenious planning, it soon got updated and became what we know today as Osam. “We took care of every single detail in the structure. We didn’t want the interior to lose its island charm, so we left every stone, brick or wooden plank intact when possible. And when we had to replace something, we’d buy a new asset from Brac stores,” Duzich explains the policy in design.

With minimalistic style, classy interior and wonderful surrounding of Supetar town, Osam is really a spot to consider for staying in summer 2015. Check out its looks in our photo gallery below, and don’t hesitate to visit the hotel’s official site.


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