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There are a lot of unique things associated with the Island of Prvic, one of them being a romantic little accommodation facility called Hotel Meastral. Located next to a tiny harbor, this charming place is situated in an old building from 19th century, surrounded with lovely beaches and pristine natural landscapes. In the ages long past, the structure was used as island’s elementary school.

Hotel Meastral has been completely renovated in 2004, with the design signed by architect Marijana Zlatec.  In addition to its basic size of 500 square meters, the premises of the hotel were expanded to four more accommodation facilities in the vicinity. The reconstruction of available space was quite demanding and difficult; due to one of Prvic Island’s most unique features.


As several other islands and inlets in Croatian Sea, Prvic has been proclaimed a completely car-free area.  The locals and their guests do not have any motor vehicles whatsoever, unless those needed for emergency situations. As such, Prvic is a perfect destination for family vacation, as children are not in threat of traffic. Cyclists and hikers are also enjoying this additional level of security, as they can traverse the trails and roads of the island without checking their surroundings every now and then for motor vehicles.

The fact that there are no cars on Prvic also contributed to preserved environment, not to mention that everyday life on the island is free of stress. When Hotel Maestral was being renovated, all the materials had to be brought by boats, and people were carrying it with their bare hands to construction site.


Yet the final result will certainly attract a lot of guests, both local and foreign. Decorated with traditional green-colored windows and interior made from wood and stone of top quality, this hotel is a dream come true to people wanting a relaxing and adaptive experience from their vacation. In case one suddenly feels like exploring the local coasts, a Sea Kayak Center operates within Maestral’s office, and will certainly provide you with beautiful naval tours of Croatia.


Check out the vibes of Hotel Maestral in our gallery below:


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