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Visiting inland Croatia and expecting to have a gorgeous accommodation? Check out Mala Kuca Mia, a lofty estate less than 100 kilometers away from the country’s Capital of Zagreb. Owned by Stefanovski family, it is a perfect resort for those who seek peace and quiet, coupled with forest scenery.


Mala Kuca Mia has 205 square meters of interior, while the surrounding outdoors broad up to 1750 square meters. The exterior has been respected during the house construction, which is the reason why Mia blends with the nature around it.  Every season is the right season for a visit, as warmer days allow guests to thrill in a large pool, while charming bar-looking area nicknamed konoba is the place to be while the snow falls.


Cozy and inviting, Mala Kuca Mia waits for your arrival. Check out our photo gallery below for more features, and drop a message to the owners if you think about renting.

Photo: Berislava Picek / CROPIX