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His name is Tom Samotnjak. Literally translated, it means “Tom the Lonely One”. He is a passionate climber, and no mountain is too high for him. Yet, he usually dwells on the slopes and heights of Dinara, located on the very border between Croatia and Bosnia. Living in such unique setting is interesting enough, but Tom decided to share the witnessed beauty with online readership. To do so, he decided to buy a camera and periodically post photographs of Dinara scenery on his official Facebook Profile. Soon, his community has risen to quite high digits.

Heights of Dinara

In order to present the scenery’s beauty to its maximum extent, Tom Samotnjak ventures far from mountaineer’s tracks and known paths. There he finds parts of Croatian outdoors little known even to seasoned local rangers. Exploring the wilderness on such level requires a lot of knowledge and endurance, but once these traits are needed in regions of Dinara, Tom is the man to call.

In addition to filming natural sights, he also takes photographs of human-made objects, especially from unusual angles and featuring unique environmental conditions. Hopefully, his work will encourage you to consider visiting Croatia in winter months, as the warm summers are not the only thing which the country provides to its visitors.

Not much is known about Tom, but what we do know is that he lives in the local town of Drnis. It is a rather popular settlement in Croatia due to its traditional prosciutto industry. If you intend to try this meat in its best edition, you can’t go wrong with the one coming from Drnis. After all, the same wind which formed the lines in snow at heights of Dinara is drying the hanging prosciutto hams. Order these in one of Croatia’s Top Restaurants, and don’t forget to like or share Tom’s photo additions on Facebook.


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