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In addition to new places and new cultures, people also travel the world to meet new friends. But nowhere is it written that these friends need to be of human kind. If in Croatia, you only need to crumble an old piece of old bread to be surrounded with dozens of featherly locals, eager to meet you and your gifting hands. Person on the photo above is having Primosten friends in shape of residental seagulls, who seem very interested in human subject.

Primosten is a lovely town in Croatia, located in Dalmatia region. It has gorgeous vineyards, whose photographs are permanent decoration to United Nations Office in New York. These natural sites may soon become a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. In addition to aforementioned, Primosten is also known for its annual donkey race, happening in the tourist-filled streets of settlement, and Raduca beaches.

Back to the photo with the seagulls- it was sent to us by our reader Marija Prvulovic. If you’d like your own photos of vacation in Croatia to be featured on our site, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall. We accept videos as well!

Interested in visiting Primosten this year? Your airline ticket is just one click away (that is, if the click is performed over this link). Find an accommodation to your liking and be prepared to have a vacation of your dreams. Having Primosten friends, such as the one above, is just one of the reasons to visit Croatian in 2015.


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