Like Croatia Sinke

Dear friends of Croatia and readers of Croatia Times,

Another year has passed, and a brand new digit on calendar calls us to start over. It’s time to make plans and do our best to achieve them. There might be challenges ahead, but with hard work and plenty of dedication, with a little aid from family and friends, we can all hope for success.


We at Croatia Times wish you all the best, and that upcoming year 2019 brings joy and happiness to your home.  You have a blank page in your diary, and so many ways to inscribe it. Make it count, and write a gorgeous adventure in following months.

Thank you for reading us during last year! We will continue to cover all about Croatia in the next four seasons, bringing you the reasons why to visit our beautiful country, and proving you why it became such a popular tourist destination on global scale.

Photo: Luka Gerlanc/ Cropix