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Romantics, beware. You just got yourself a very powerful competition. A guy called Jeremy Carne has travelled to Croatia for his girl Michelle, and it was not a short trip. His starting point was Melbourne in Australia, and in order to reach Croatian soil, he had to literally traverse the entire world.

Michelle decided to spend a couple of weeks with her friends on a summer holiday, with Croatia being their destination of choice. After some time, she missed her boyfriend so much that she has sent him a romantic message, stating that she has a hard time being separated. The vigilant Jeremy went straight to the airport, booked the ticket and started a 30-hour long journey to Croatian coast.

The whole adventure was recorded via mobile device, and uploaded on YouTube. Check out the romantic’s footage here:

It’s nice to know there is still at least one knight in the shining armor (or better say, summer shorts) alive.  Jeremy travelled to Croatia for his girlfriend, but you don’t have to follow your choice. You can come to Croatia even if you are not in a relationship.

Check out Jeremy’s Channel here.

Abelia Herry

Wow, Really great to read thsi great story. I love it. Will share it with my love as he will come back from antelope canyon tours.


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