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Probably one of Croatia’s top destinations, the Lakes of Plitivice is the sole reason why some visitors decide to spend a holiday in this Mediterranean county. Surrounded by fascinating nature which takes the breath away, the natural park features several large waterfalls, dozens of gorgeous sights, and kilometers of arranged walkways for viewer’s pleasure. The Green Promenades of Plitvice Lakes will lead you to sceneries impossible to forget, the ones which will forever stay in your memory and inspire you with every remembrance to enjoy life.

The photo above was provided by Etno Garden of Plivtice Lakes. We don’t have to go into deep and extensive descriptions; the unique beauty of the site can be recognized on the first sight. The green promenades of Plitvice Lakes are waiting for you to discover them, and learn why they are so highly regarded on global tourist scene.

Plitvice Lakes, Bridge

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