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Our reader Eddy Michielsen has visited Lopud, an island located in the close proximity of Dubrovnik, South Croatia. Featuring a lot of sacral structures and archeological sites, this isle has been one of the hearts of Ragusa Republic. With more than 20 old Churches, some older than an entire millennium, Lopud is a wonderful place to visit for a guest interested in local history and architecture. Those who like nature can enjoy numerous green forests of Elaphiti Islands, an archipelago named after local deer species (Elaphos means deer in Greek).

Eddy took this photo from the heights of Sutvrac, a fort constructed by Spanish troops in 16th century. In addition to soil of Lopud itself, one can witness the beauty of surrounding sea and islands in Croatian waters.

Planning to visit Lopud in the upcoming season? Reserve your airline ticket, book your accommodation this moment, and enjoy the feeling of having your vacation prepared and ready! You won’t be disappointed with green forests of Elaphiti Islands, just as you won’t forget your lovely trip to Croatia.


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