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Wine Info

Type of Wine: Dry

Species: Grasevina

Retail Price: 60 HRK / 8 €

Alc.Volume: 13 %

Grasevina Krauthaker Mitrovac 2012 Review

Grasevina Krauthaker Mitrovac 2012 Commentary

This wine belongs in lower pricing range, but despite that, it managed to reach the highest category in Croatian wine store Vadicep. There was no mistake in such decision. The great winemaker of Croatia has succeeded to reach the art’s height once more, offering a prime product for a very affordable price. The vineyard of Mitrovac has virtually become a mystic term in nation’s enology. After observing the market on global scale, the company decided to offer pure dry grasevina wine.

The task of making Grasevina Krauthaker Mitrovac 2012 was not easy. Vlado Mitrovac likes mature harvest, one with lots of sugar. Yet this wine has delicate harmony and elegance, and a taste which simply calls another sip in glass.

Culinary Companionship

When Grasevina Krauthaker 2012 premiered, it came in company of another well-known Croatian product. We are talking about Slavonian kulen, a very tasty and hot-flavored sausage which literally put the region on culinary map of every Croatian visitor. This unique alliance between winemaker Vlado Mitrovac and “kulen lobbyist” Tomo Galovic has a lot of potential, as proven by the premiere’s food offering.

To accompany Grasevina Krauthaker 2012 on the table, Galovic offered home-made dark bread with the so-called Slovenia-Slavonia Zaseka. It is a custom made meat spread of smoked bacon, aromatized with brandy called sljivovica. The recipe is of Slovenian origin, while the ingredients were Croatian.

In recent decade, Slovenia and Croatia had a number of “gastronomic incidents”, as two countries couldn’t decide which delicacies belong to which nation. Hopefully, more peaceful periods await, and if we are lucky enough, we will celebrate them with a bottle of Grasevina Krauthaker Mitrovac 2012.

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