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Wine Info

Type: Half-dry

Species: Grasevina

Retail Price: 140 HRK / 18.75 €

Alcohol Volume: 15,6%

Grasevina Goldberg 2012 Review

Grasevina Goldberg 2012 Commentary

The vineyards of Baranja region have challenged the Croatian wine production scene with the highest standards. And that especially goes for Grasevina, the most widespread white species of wine on Croatian territory. Just some time ago, it was a custom to add sprinkling water to this nectar, the tradition which luckily leaves the mentality of residents. The bottles originating from Knezevi vinogradi vineyards, especially those of golden label “Goldberg” are winning high praises on international enology festivals.

The harvest of 2012 was empowered with a very sunny year, which added to nectar’s recognizable strength and distinctive half-dry finale. The intensity of the taste is so strong that inexperienced tasters might find it odd that they are actually drinking grasevina.

Culinary Companionship

Duck breasts covered with honey should be roasted only from one side, leaving the tasty interior pink raw. That culinary tale will definitely have a happy ending. The crusty skin from the outside, and juicy muscle meat from the inside will be a perfect


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