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People who like „Game of Thrones“know pretty well how Westeros residents punish women for committing acts of fornication. They force them to perform the so-called Walk of Shame, also known as Penance Walk, a public humiliation technique during which a female perpetrator is stripped naked, and with her shaved head, ordered to walk the street. Naturally, these „walks“ gather a lot of audience, which is free to mock the accused woman and humiliate her verbally as she passes by. The female is degraded to a position of a public sinner, meaning she won’t have much pride, power or rights after the walk is over.

Although the ritual is a product of George R.R. Martin’s imaginative mind, it is based on many customs which were practiced in reality. Women were often stripped of their dignity in such gruesome ways, usually under shaky charges. In Croatia, there are several stone pillars with attached chains, where various criminals (not just of female gender) were cuffed in past and left to mob’s will. The only such pillar carved like a human figure can be found in Istria, as you can read here.

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Back to Game of Thrones, it is not a secret that actress Lena Headey had to take part in the scene of this public humiliation, as her character Cersei Lannister was sentenced to “walk her shame”. The producers wanted to film the scene inside Dubrovnik Cathedral, but after remarks of local Catholics, decided to film Headey’s nudity on more secular places.

A few days ago, footage of what is believed to be “the scene” appeared on the internet. Well, not literally “the scene”. Somebody from the backstage took a smartphone and initiated recording of the clip, while Cersei’s walk was being filmed. Or at least, this is what is believed by online community. Judge for yourself by clicking here:

Was this clip really taken during the filming of Cersei’s humiliation? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!


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