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After filming the scene which involved her walking completely naked through Dubrovnik streets (and which, naturally, triggered a lot of attention in the world media), actress Lena Headey returned to her daily schedules of producing material for highly expected ‘Game of Thrones‘ serial. The crew has moved the set on top the ramparts of Dubrovnik, huge and impressive defensive structures which took four centuries to complete, their founding beginning in 13th century.

Unfortunately, Lena doesn’t have a lot of time to admire the setting, as her day is filled with costume changes (when she is having one, of course), make-up updates and, last but not least, portraying the character of Lady Lannister in the fabled series.

Our team of photographers managed to get close to the filming set, and make a few photos of Lena’s working day. Here is what she goes through on daily basis, and how Dubrovnik crew treats her.


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