Like Croatia Sinke

Rain can wash city streets, building roofs, and according to more sensitive people, minds as well. After one such strong burst of bad weather, Split shines in a new light. Photographer Zvonimir Barisin woke up early to catch the glimpses of this cleansed look, and in company of fisherman dispatching their night prey, provided us with a gorgeous photo gallery of the Dalmatian capital.

At the moment, Split is one of rare cities in the world where Game of Thrones crew is filming the renowned fantasy series (see the set’s gallery here). Judging from the photos below, it is not difficult to understand why they chose Split for such task. Tranquil yet lively, luxurious yet decent, Split is a city where every person finds his or her fairy tale. Enjoy the photos- they might encourage you o wake up early next time you visit Split.


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