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The region of Gorski Kotar has suffered considerable damage in February 2014, when an icy cloudburst struck its territories. A lot of trees found their doom in those days, but ‘she’ survived. After all, it was not the first catastrophe she had to endure. Mind you, ’she’ is not female in common sense. Her longevity and charm simply demand that we treat her as a lady.

Goranska Tisa is a yew tree which sprung from ground about 2000 years ago, maybe even on the same day when some biblical apostles were born. It is the oldest living being in the region, although it was discovered only recently. Forest workers of Mrkopalj stumbled upon it in 1999.

Tea Cimas CROPIX Agency (1)

Forestry engineer Marko Perkovic, tasked with protecting Tisa, explained how her age was calculated. After measuring the plant’s trunk and computing the result with number of its log rings, it was revealed that Tisa is around 2021 years old. During her youth, Gorski kotar had no human presence, and yews were much more common.

Today, yew trees are under state protection, as their population is scarce. Their wood is used to build foundations for walled trophies, and highly valued in huntsman circles. Because of that reason, Tisa’s precise location is not publicly released. So, instead of visiting the old lady on your own, enjoy our photographs below:


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