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The mountain of Biokovo is a perfect destination for spending some time in the outdoors. With sights of beautiful nature during year’s hotter period, and opportunities for some great fun in the snow during colder season, it is a place of choice for anyone interested in living the life to the fullest. And the perfect, golden-colored channel beneath it is available during the whole year.

For centuries, Biokovo has guarded over Croatian naval territories, providing the residents with wealth and good visibility of the surrounding Sea. Today, it is officially a Nature Park of Croatia, meaning it is under special state protection. A small chapel, dedicated to St. Elijah and constructed in 19th century, can be found at the mountain’s peak. Thanks to low light pollution, Biokovo is a good spot for stargazing, as the skies are darker, making the distant celestial body easier to spot- even without high-tech telescopes.

About one century ago, a Franciscan monk interested in science has organized a small garden on the slopes of Biokovo. Even today, it features over 300 distinctive plant species, which have successfully acclimatized to Mediterranean conditions. Surrounding this small area full of life are remains of the old castle, dating as early as 17th century.

Underneath Biokovo, one can find numerous romantic settlements of Dalmatia region, Makarska being the prime example. As one of Croatia’s most loved tourist destinations, it is known for a large number of museums dedicated to sea life, and quite influential Echo Music Festival. Throughout the year, people of Makarska celebrate life through numerous cultural events, including concerts of klapa-groups, exhibitions and poetry evenings.

Makarska is also known for numerous beaches, which are annually visited by thousands of visitors, both local and foreign. Bratus is one such site, connecting the gorgeous Dalmatian soil with the golden sea under Biokovo.


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