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Long before they became packages of instant-food, pestos were actually highly regarded delicacies. Luckily enough, their fame is getting back on track, thanks to people who make this ingredient in home-made edition. Wish to join their numbers? In that case, follow our Gnocchi with Rucola Pesto Recipe, and forget about those colorful bags in store. They simply can’t compete with the food you are about to try!

What you will need

1 package of gnocchi

2 handpicks of fresh rucola

3 spoons of pine nuts

3 spoons of freshly grated parmesan

3 spoons of olive oil

2 cloves of garlic



Gnocchi with Rucola Pesto Preparation

Wash the rucola leafs, and cut the parts you can’t clean with water. Dry these veggies thoroughly, as they shouldn’t be wet in the procedures which come after this initial step. Toast the pine nuts on the frying pan (without oil), occasionally stirring in order to avoid their overburn. Once they receive a change in color, move them away from the flame and leave to cool off.

In kitchen blender or hand mortar, combine rucola and pine nuts with parmesan cheese, garlic and olive oil. Use salt and pepper at this point too, the latter should be in large grains. Process the ingredients, adding more olive oil according to need. In a separate pot, heat the water up to the boiling point.

Throw gnocchi into the water, and stir slightly so they don’t connect with the bottom of the pot. In a couple of minutes, they will surface, meaning they are finished. Remove them from water, and combine with pesto you made in the blender or mortar. Before serving, put some more parmesan over the dish for extra taste.

Instead of parmesan, you may want to use young goat cheese, as the strength of its aroma is slightly less intense. Optionally, you may want to blanch the rucola leafs before blending with other ingredients. This will also ease the taste of gnocchi with rucola pesto.

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