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‘It all begun when I didn’t know what to gift my friend for a birthday’ explains Croatian designer Ana Grzunov. ‘So I decided to make something on my own. I made my first glavatar, and after seeing my friend’s thrilled reaction, I’ve decided to make them a brand.’

Literal translation of the word glavatar would be ‘a headdy’. It is a doll-like head that you put on a wall, similar of what big game hunters hang in their trophy rooms. But instead of deer and boars, glavatars can be any animal you wish. As a matter of fact, it can be a person or a fable character.

Berislava Picek / CROPIX Agency

‘As people are putting glavatars on walls, they want them to reflect their own personality. Sometimes, customers come with their own idea of what animal or character should be, and sometimes I suggest my own. Of course, after I exchange a few words with the potential buyer. I need to know more about him, before making initial sketches.’ says Gruznov. ‘When somebody wants to give glavatar as a gift, I question the buyer about the person which will receive it.’

Ana’s wall decorations are unique, meaning no two are the same. So far, she made giraffes, geese, mares and even walruses. She is especially proud of zebracorn, an original combination of unicorn and zebra.

If you are interested in putting your own glavatar animal on the wall, visit Ana’s website Laboratorij Zabave. You can also visit her firm on Facebook, or enjoy the fluffy beings in the gallery below:


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