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Have your sweet tooth ready if you plan to visit Slavonia in the Christmas season. The largest city in the region, Osijek, has a wonderful advent program for the occasion, and it comes with a rather original feature. The gigantic cake of Osijek, a true delicacy for every lover of sweet taste, will be available for tasting. But let’s start this story from the beginning.

As Croats are very keen of Christmas time, and have been so for centuries, they have developed a large number of traditions and customs attached to the season. Literally every settlement has its own “advent program”, a cultural manifestation usually beginning four weeks before the actual holiday. Osijek is not any different. Its Advent celebration takes place in Tvrda, an old part of town surrounded by thick stone walls. The specially designed “Christmas Village” will take place on Osijek’s central square (Trg Svetog Trojstva). Visitors will be able to enjoy renowned products of Slavonia, such as dry-meat delicacies kulen and slanina, home-made ginger cookies, mulled wine and warm teas. In addition, they will be able to buy Slavonian wooden toys and traditional ceramic merchandise.

However, the true star of the Advent Fair will be the gigantic cake of Osijek, a large delicacy baked by Croatia’s popular bakery chain “Mlinar” under supervision of pastry master Gordana Alebic. The cake will weight 500 kilograms and have a height of over two meters. The recipe for this sweet giant includes over 2500 eggs, 100 kilos of white flour, 100 kilos of sugar and 65 kilos of first-class chocolate. It is expected that Mlinar’s cake will feed around 10 000 visitors of Osijek Advent Fair.

However, the price of a single slice will be rather modest. You can enjoy this unique cake for only 2 HRK / 0.25 €. All money goes for humanitarian cause, namely for youth which lacks financial support or have inadequate parental care.

Visitors will also be encouraged to take photo of themselves next to the gigantic cake of Osijek. It will surely be a photo worthy of every album- especially if the owner is a passionate gastronome.


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