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With temperatures as low as -2 °C, the Croatian coast doesn’t look as a summer destiantion at the moment. Despite that fact, it is still having an avid number of guests, many of which decided to spend Christmas holidays in Mediterranean area. The Frozen Sites of Dalmatia are truly an inspiring sight, and although you need to be very brave to bath right now, a simple walk in a warm jacket can lead you to some rather beautiful sceneries.

The Frozen Sites of Dalmatia

Here is our selection of recent photographs of Dalmatian region. Covered in ice and tender layer of snow, localities of Split, Zablace, Makarska and Podstrana really show another face of their everyday life. But in a little more than six months, the frozen sites of Dalmatia will once again become prime summer destinations, visited and loved by millions of tourists.

Are you in Dalmatia at the moment? In that case, don’t hesitate to send a few contemporary photos to our Facebook Wall, and share the looks of the region in the winter period with our online community.


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