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One of Croatia’s most renowned tourist destinations which don’t lie on the Adriatic Coast is under a thick layer of ice and snow. Frozen Plitvice Lakes are far from being inaccessible, though. And as numerous foreign visitors had the opportunity to see, a completely new perspective of this wonderful site emerges to reality. Resembling scenery from a fable story, or an animated film by Walt Disney Studios, frozen Plitvice Lakes is a mystical locality which leaves no person uninspired.

Frozen Plitvice Lakes

As one walks the snow-covered outdoors, the only real sounds he or she hears are quiet purling of ice-cold streams and wind pushing down snowflakes from the widespread branches of the national park’s trees. Yet, if you like the usual pacing more, don’t worry. Frozen Plitvice Lakes won’t stay frozen long, and in a couple of weeks, it will bloom with its fascinating green colors as spring will chase the winter tale away.

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