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Wine Info

Type: Dry

Species: Frankovka

Retail Price: 34 HRK / 4.55 €

Alcohol Volume: 11,9 %

Frankovka Morcic 2011 Commentary

There’s a certain melody in the sentence „Wine of Vinodol Region“, which is inscribed on the bottle of Frankovka Morcic 2011. Translated in English, Vinodol literally means „The Valley of Wine“, which is saying something about local grape production. The aforementioned area begun to revitalize its wine industry two decades ago. During the war in Croatia, citizents of Vukovar escaped occupied parts of Slavonia and settled in this region. Being experts in vineyard cultivation, they immediately recognized the potential behind Vinodol’s soil.

Slavonians have decided to put their wits and talents to use. They revitalized Vinodol wine scene with passion, as wine itself deserves. Because of their efforts, this contiential species has found a new home next to Adriatic Sea.

Wine expert Miroslav Pavlomir has a lot of reasons to be proud. In his products, one can sense Danube origin combined with Mediterranean liveliness. With each new bottle and new harvest, Miroslav is getting better in his craft. Frankovka Morcic 2011 is a light, easy-to drink wine filled with attitude and character.

Culinary Companionship

There’s no reason to act smart here. Fresh sardines, roasted on gradele grill in the outdoors, will be a perfect match for Miroslav’s product we review here. And if you suddenly want to switch to Slavonian influence, a bowl of tasty fish stew with broad noodles is also an option worth considering.


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