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Splash! Just reading these words can give you the sensation of water touching the skin. Yes, it is a great feeling, but not everyone likes it. If you hate getting wet, this is not a text for you. However, if you’ve always wanted to have a pair of branchiae on your neck, read on.

Croatian Thermae

When its islands are included, Croatia has more than 6000 kilometers of coastline. Each of them provides numerous chances for you to jump into the Adriatic, and get yourself wet. But apart from the sea, Croatia also has a high number of inland thermae.

Bizovacke Toplice are located in Slavonia, and feature the warmest hypothermal iodine water in all of Europe. In addition to this unique characteristic, in Bizovac you can find a health resort, a small hotel, a water park with attractions such as a musical cave and Jacuzzi’s and a restaurant which serves local food.

Toplice Sveti Martin is a recreation/spa destination located in the region of Medimurje. With over one 1km2 of pool surface (outdoors included) it’s a spot where nobody will remain dry. In addition to swimming, it offers bicycle tracks, a golf terrain and a special center for spine health called Lumbalis.

The region of Zagorje is crowded with healing water sources, and taking a trip to the county is a dream come true to anyone who likes the splash of water. These thermae serve both as pool houses and as health resorts, but don’t let this give you the impression they have a hospital feel to them. On the contrary, they are very popular vacation spots for domestic guests, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join them.

Tuheljske Toplice lie between Krapina (a well known archeological site) and Marija Bistrica (a common site for Catholic pilgrimages). Close to them are Krapinske Toplice, while  Varazdinske Toplice, as the name suggests, are close to Varazdin, the city of good emotions. Stubicke Toplice are the oldest resort of the kind in Croatia, while Jezercica Terme are a good spot for kiddies thanks to its waterpark.

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Outside Zagorje, you can enjoy Daruvarske Toplice  (Daruvar being known as a spa-town for centuries) , Topusko in Banovina and Istarske Toplice near Motovun.

Scuba Diving Sites

Ok, technically speaking, scuba diving won’t get you wet if you have good equipment. But we can all agree it is watery experience, and as such, worth getting on our list. So where do you go to dive in Croatia? For a comprehensive list of dive spots, check out our list of them here and also consider getting this book to have by your side.

There are plenty of sites to visit in Croatia. If you are a beginner, but eager to see the silent world of corals, fish and lobsters, you should try Porer Reef in Istria, northwest of Cape Barbariaga. With an average depth of under 20 meters, it’s a great spot for those still starting to get the hang of scuba diving. At the same time, it provides a lush underwater life that will have you in love with the sport in no time.

Advanced divers can put their skills to the test by exploring the wreckage of battleship Szent Istvan, which was sunk in WWI. This is the largest ship wreck in the Adriatic sea- the ship is over 150 meters long and had more than 100 crewman abroad. It is located between Zadar and the small island of Premuda.

Equally challenging is Lucica, a 40-meter deep underwater cave near Milna beach at Brac. The entrance to the cave is always visible, so you need to be a very clumsy scuba diver to get lost . However, caution is always a good ally in this activity, which brings much joy and unforgettable memories to those experiencing it. Amberjacks and damselfish are commonly found fauna in Lucica Cave.

Get wet in Znjan Aquapark

In 2013, the well-known beach in Split called of Znjan will be richer by one additional feature. A huge aqua-park full of slides and trampolines will eagerly await its customers. We don’t know much about this Adriatic theme park at the moment as it’s still in the works, but what we do know is that it will be fun, affordable and secure.

Znjan Aquapark will open on June 1, and you can track its development on its official Facebook page. One more place to get wet in Croatia.

Jumping into waterfalls

We all dreamt about doing it- being at the top of a large waterfall, taking a jump, and diving into the white foam underneath. There is probably no better way to get yourself soaking wet. And you can do it in Croatia. The waterfalls of Krka in Skradinski Buk  provide a perfect opportunity for such an experience.

And if you want to try more waterfalls, be sure to check your options for rafting in Croatia.

Of course, these are just some of the options in Croatia keeping you from being dry. To find more, you’ll have to come and explore.


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