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The sun was pretty shy this year. It only recently broke through the thick layer of clouds with its warm beams, waking up nature all over Croatia. Snowdrops and jonquils are blooming over meadows and plains, birds are singing like a choir of naughty children on their branches, and somewhere in the mountainous a Lika bear yawns after months spent snoring.

Well, it was about time!

Yes, spring is here. Not only by the date on the calendar, but by the weather itself. And that is only the first step to the upcoming tourist season for Croatia, which unofficially starts during Easter holidays. Soon, the beaches will no longer be empty and the ferries will have to switch to their summer schedule.

But what is there to do in the meantime? A lot of things, actually. Here are a few suggestions on how to celebrate springtime in Croatia.

Dinopark Funtana

There is nothing as relaxing as a nice walk in a park, taking in the scents of nature and observing the beautiful trees surrounding you. And occasionally, trying to evade the jaws of a huge Tyrannosaurs Rex, an extinct being we are all so found of thanks to Spielberg movies.

Such an experience is possible in Funtana, a settlement in Istria, as it features a theme park dedicated to dinosaurs. Of course, the thing about evading the jaws is a joke, since all the animals thereare sculptures. But they resemble the reptiles in real measures, meaning you won’t find these in your tot’s toybox.

In addition to dinos, the park features shows with acrobatics, motorcycle stuntman and illusionists. You can learn more about the park on its official site.

Free Climbing in Omis

There are many fun things to do in Omis, but free climbing is the cream of the town’s adrenaline-inducing activities. For those not in the know, this activity involves relying on your own wits and physical strength in order to climb various obstacles such as rocks or cliffs. Of course, you don’t climb them in your underwear, but rather receive professional equipment including specially designed shoes, a protective helmet and safety belt.

In Omis, you can attend this spider-like experience in the Planovo climbing area, under the supervision of professional climbing instructor Ivica Beovic. There are several routes to choose from, with the hardest taking around three hours to complete. However, there is a special course for kiddie climbers, so the children won’t be bored.


To see your options for climbing in Omis, send an e-mail to or send your questions via web form.

Recreational Fishing

Fishing was always considered a prime outdoor activity, and a reason to take a few days off of work. While the tourist season is yet to begin, fishing season is alreadly present. This provides great opportunities both for fisherman and chefs to do their job, as the fish in Croatia is quite a well-known delicacy.

Rivers like Lonja, Sava, Odra and Otesica are not just fine sites for fishing, but actually provide great spots for picnics and walks in nature.


 For those who like sea fish better, the Adriatic is always open. From Istria to Dubrovnik, there is literally no place in which a thrown hook won’t be triggered by prey. However, bear in mind that, no matter where you choose to go, you always need to have an official fishing permit.

Obtaining one is not that difficult, though. You can do it online with prices starting at 60 HRK / 7.60 € a day.  In order to hunt tuna, swordfish and Mediterranean spearfish, you will have to file for a specific license, which also costs more (120 HRK / 15.20 € for a single day).

If you need professional gear and equipment, or a tip or two on fishing, visit Bahun Center in Zagreb, Adamiceva 1.  It is the oldest firm dealing with the activity in Croatia.

Skydive in Novi Golubovec

A lot of people dream about parachuting, but lack the confidence to jump from a flying plane into the abyss. However, the engineers of Metalmix company, which operates in Novi Golubovec (a region of Zagorje) have a solution for these parachute-phobia sufferers.

Basically, they constructed a device called a skydive simulator, which enables people to levitate in the center of a vertical wind tunnel. While not exactly free-fall, the sensation of being in the air simply by the power of wind is fascinating to any visitor.


 The system can be used for parachute training, but in most cases, it’s just used for fun. Experienced users can fly up to 6 meters in the air (which is still much lower than the height from which real parachute users jump).

If you want to try this unique activity, contact the crew of the skydive simulator at An English-speaking agent is available by phone at +385 (0)91/588 74 88 while Germans should call +385 (0)95/ 899 99 68.

Spring is here. Time to take off winter clothes and enjoy being outdoors. Even if entering a levitation chamber!


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