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Croatia is the Europe’s tourism star during summer months, but warm waves of Adriatic Sea are not the only thing the country offers to its visitors. In Croatia’s northern parts, one can find the region called Slavonia. Known for its wonderful plains and distinctive culinary identity, it is a great place to visit and enjoy local highlights. We bring you four towns to visit in Slavonia, and explain what one can see in them.


One of the favorite spots of Austrian paladins is still as beautiful as ever. Its historical core is under heavy reconstruction, though, but the charm of Lipik is undeniable even in current state. The town became widely known for cultivation of Lipicaner breed of horses. These wonderful animals of white color became so popular, that one of their heads is decorating the settlement’s banner.


Often referred to as “Athens of Slavonia”, the Town of Pozega serves as county’s administrational and traffic center. It literally went through its own Renaissance in 18th century, when Emperor Maria Theresa herself ordered the construction of Church dedicated to Saint Teresa of Avila. This prompted the development of craft stores, which brought economical uplift of the settlement. Pozega is surrounded with beautiful mountains of Psunj, Papuk, Krndija, Dilj and Pozeska Gora.


This town features a small keep, which is currently being repaired and under archeological research. Kaptol also has its very own thermae, so swimming is available even during cold winter months.


Having over eight centuries of tradition in wine-making, the town of Kutjevo is a destiny of choice for every visitor interested in Croatian enology. Just visiting the wine cellars dating from 13th century is an adventure of its own, but once you try a sip of Grasevina, you will learn why it is so highly regarded on international wine scene.

These were only four towns to visit in Slavonia. Of course, there are many more to explore. If you opt to do so, feel free to upload a photo or two of your Croatian adventures to our Facebook Wall.


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