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A lot of people are unaware of Vinkovci, a romantic town situated on Bosut River, surrounded by oak and ash tree forests in northeast Croatia. Although far from coast which gets most attention in these summer months, it is still a good destination to visit, especially once plates filled with local delicacies come as an argument. Let’s see four things which might attract you to Vinkovci.


If you love the ways of traditional farm life, you will find a lot of joy in Vinkovci. Several local ranches have opened their doors to guests, thus becoming idyllic hotels where one can find relaxation and rediscover beauty of life. From long walks through neighboring forests to participating in everyday farm activities, guests of these places can enjoy a unique and educative stay. If this sounds interesting to you, send an e-mail to or and book your cozy bed in Vinkovci agrotourism facilities.

kulen, dry meat

Kulen & Rakija

We already mentioned Slavonian delicacies, but didn’t go into too much detail. The region is known for spicy, hot food which will please gastronomes with every bite. Salty snacks of cvarci, famous dry sausage of kulen, domestic paprikas stews made of lake fish or geese or simple home-made bread with pig fat spread and chopped onion are just some gastronomical treasures Vinkovci diners serve. Naturally, everything comes with glasses of local brandy kind of rakija.

Vinkovacke Jeseni Folklore Festival

The largest festival of its kind in the region, Vinkovacke jeseni gathers hundreds of folklore groups. Not all of them are from Croatia, so attendees receive a sophisticated view of national dances, customs and clothes. Entertainment is guaranteed even to younger generations, as in recent years Vinkovacke Jeseni opened to breakdance and DJ scene as well. The festival traditionally occurs in fall season.

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Archeological Park of Sopot

Being settled over 8000 years ago, Vinkovci counts as one of the oldest urban places in Europe. It is also a home to an ancient ornamented plate archeologists call Orion, found during excavations in late 70s. It served as a calendar, noting numerous star constellations and their reference to time measurement. This prompted scientists to make more research, revealing the secrets of the so-called sopot culture. Their traditional houses were reconstructed in an archeological park, located on the end of Bospor promenade. You can reach this interesting site on foot or using a bike, providing a good excuse for disintegrating calories received from Slavonian delicacies.


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