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If you are a frequent reader of Like Croatia, you know how much natural beauty and leisure opportunities the country offers.  Yet, it also has another very unique feature as a visiting destination- a large number of original museums. These cover the topics of history, art, the world that surrounds us and many things we usually aren’t aware of. Here is the list of four specific museums you should check out during your stay.


Exploring the Blindness Through History

Located in Zagreb’s Draskoviceva Street 80, Typhlological Museum will educate the attendants about blind people’s history, from aids developed to normalize their lives to fight for their rights and recognition in society.  The exhibits include past tools for reading and medical equipment, as well as artistic pieces authored by blind persons.  A small maze is also present, and attendants are welcome to explore it with the lights out, receiving a temporary blindness in order to understand the challenges of having such condition.


Aquatika, The Museum which Flows

This Karlovac-based museum can be visited in Street of Branka Cavlovica Cavleka 1a, immediately next to River Korana’s banks. The location has not been accidentally chosen, as Aquatika deals with lakes and rivers. People visiting the museum will become aware of just how important these localities are for ecosystem’s stability, and what organisms thrive in the streams. A number of live fish specimens are present in the tanks, some of which are under state protection.


Embrace the Pixels in Rijeka

The coastal City of Rijeka has a rather unique museum space, dedicated to computer hardware and corresponding industries. Called Peek&Poke, it hosts old computers, game consoles, handhelds and gadgets from all periods of engineering science. The visitors can also learn about old arcade machines, observe decades-old calculators or see the packaging of technical equipment from the past. Find it on address Ivana Grohovca 2, in the vicinity of Rijeka’s Cathedral.


The Renaissance of Prvic

One of the most notable scientists of the world, Faust Vrancic could be described as a Croatian Leonardo da Vinci. Spending most of his life on the Island of Prvic, the ingenious inventor patented more than 50 machines which found broad usage in 16th century. Vrancic is usually associated with the initial concepts of parachute technology, but he also contributed to technical design of mills and bridges. You can learn more about this unique Renaissance man in his memorial center, located in the heart of Prvic settlement.

These were four original museums of Croatia. Check back LC soon for more additions to this list.


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