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Intending to wake up your inner romantic in Croatian way? Saint Valentine’s Day could be a perfect opportunity for that.  Here are five ways to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day having red-and-white chessboard pattern.

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Walk Through Lovely Outdoor Sceneries

Fascinating sites of natural beauty and historical value can be found literally on every step of Croatia. One can make beautiful memories by simply walking through localities such as Stradun in Dubrovnik or promenades with a view of Saint Euphemia Church in Rovinj. If exploring the streets of Nin, don’t forget to touch the thumb on the statue of bishop Grgur Ninski, as the custom is believed to fulfill wishes.  And in case you consider visiting nature parks such as Medvednica, Ucka, Velebit or Plitvice Lakes, be sure to dress accordingly. February can be quite chilly month in Croatia. Also, check out the availability of these localities in advance, as they may be inaccessible due to snow.

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Have a Meal in Romantic Restaurant

We often bring you detailed reviews of Croatian restaurants, written by expert in the field Radovan Marcic. Whether you fancy a romantic meal in the middle of Dubrovnik historical core, or a loveable dining locality just next to Main Square in Zagreb, we have you covered.  Not to mention that you can have equally stunning experience in the region of Medimurje or next to Sibenik Cathedral.

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Visit Croatian Castles

Bond your romantic feelings with history and fable-like scenery. Arrange a romantic visit to some of Croatian castles, such as 13th century Trakoscan or Old Town of Varazdin. If in coastal areas, you may decide to visit small town keeps of Istria or attend a tour of Dubrovnik ramparts. A lot of these spots actually organize events on Saint Valentine’s Day, so you may have additional options for celebrating this important date.

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Gift a Dalmatian Puppy

Having a pet together is a bold step in relationship and proves serious intentions. A spot-covered Dalmatian puppy can be a perfect gift for such occasion, especially if it is gifted on Saint Valentine’s. But don’t forget Croatian shepherds as an equally charming alternative. Who needs flowers next to so much cuteness?

Have an Exciting Day

Who says that Saint Valentine’s has to be all about candles and romantic music? The important thing is to have quality time together. Would you dare to explore the world of Morpheus as a couple? Or maybe join your wits in some of local Escape Rooms? Or just learn about other people’s past romances in Museum of Broken Relationships? As you can see, Croatia offers some rather unique content, and we have not even mentioned Zagreb’s Eighties Museum or the one dedicated to human senses.

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Find an Event Worthy of Your Time

There are many events taking place in Croatia throughout the year. Our sister site Croatia Tickets is a service that you can rely on if searching for discounted entry fees and good offers. Click here and find an event or activity that you’d love to attend during Saint Valentine’s Day with your partner. Tours and excursions are offered as well, and you can organize attendance weeks prior to arrival.

These were five ways to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day in Croatia. Hopefully, you will spend it in good company and make a lot of memories.

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