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Planning to tie the knot, are we? Did you know that a lot of people have chosen to pop up the big question during their vacation in Croatia? It is perfectly understandable, as romantic sunsets and gorgeous sceneries greatly encourage even the shiest grooms-to-be for big decisions. And no matter where the actual wedding takes place, Croatia becomes a landmark to the couple’s love, always opened as a destination for a romantic anniversaries and childbirth celebrations.

In order to help you with your big decisions, here are five ways to propose marriage in Croatia, inspired by the country’s tradition and customs.


Kidnap Your Mate

In certain parts of Croatia, it is a custom for groom and his peers to literally “kidnap” the maiden from her home. Of course, the whole event is comical and can include toy weaponry, while the means of escape might be bicycles or even donkeys. The custom is very old, and surprisingly, there were cases when young girls decided to be the kidnappers of their beloved males, especially if these were not keen to enter marital life.

In case you wish to add a layer of funniness to your proposal, just stage a hilarious kidnapping scene of your partner. Once you are alone in the “hideout” of your choice, explain that according to ancient Croatian tradition of kidnapers, you two are now entitled for marriage. Of course, you will still need an engagement ring, and selection is quite diverse in ZAKS and ARGENTUM stores.


Steal Her Ring

If you want a more conventional approach to proposing, you may want to steal one of her rings. This is not a Croatian custom by any means, but if you bring it to ZAKS and ARGENTUM jewelry stores, they can measure its diameter and make a quite stunning wedding ring. And because of the traditional summer discount, some luxurious models are quite affordable at the moment. The highly popular golden ring with genuine diamond can be obtained for as low as 1800 HRK / 235 €.

The whole procedure will not take long so you will need to return the original ring back to your future spouse (hopefully, she won’t notice that it is gone). Once the crafty Croatian smiths from Zaks or Argentum jewelry stores finish the wedding ring, you may pick it up and present it to your spouse, along with the marriage proposal. Imagine how much she will appreciate your intriguing efforts to provide her with the ring perfect for her finger, made by skilful hands of famous Croatian smiths.


Make a Flower Crown

In some regions of Croatia, bride decoration was quite complex and included specific gowns, ornaments and jewelry items. Red color was especially important, as it was believed it chases the misfortunes away. However, next to luxurious tiaras, some women wore a plain hand-made crown of flowers.

Certain plants had symbolic meaning, usually indicating fertility and passion. Plus, it was nice that each bride had her own unique crown, despite the fact that the decoration would eventually wither. The bottom line is, bring your partner to a place with a lot of flowers and tie a few plants in a circle. Put the crown on your future’s spouse’s head and conclude that, since you are both dressed accordingly, you may as well get in the marriage. But, that does not mean you won’t need an engagement ring – so first visit one of ZAKS or ARGENTUM jewelry stores.


Throw an Apple

Here is one great way of proposing if you plan to move in a new house together. According to an old Croatian custom, throwing apples above the roof of an estate in which the newlyweds will live brings them good luck.

Unless you plan to buy your new home in Croatia, just bring a photograph of your dream-house and fling a pebble over it. When your partner asks what are you doing, just state you are bringing good fortune to your common future home, in a Croatian way. Propose with smile on your face and offer a stunning ZAKS  or ARGENTUM engagement ring.


Cherish Her Luggage

This is another comical way of making a proposal for marriage. It was common in the past to have a large chest in the house, used to store the young girl’s belongings. Once she would marry, the chest would be ceremonially transported to the groom’s house. In some cases, the entire village would gather to witness the moving of the chest, which would be additionally decorated for the event.

If you are in Croatia as a visitor, chances are that your partner arrived with a luggage or a travel bag. Use a few flowers for its decoration, and carry it in front of him or her. (Bonus Hint: Before carrying, place an engagement ring you ordered from ZAKS or ARGENTUM jewelry stores in that same chest!). When asked what you are doing, just note it is a Croatian way of bonding in the common home.


These were five ways to propose marriage in Croatia. Don’t forget to visit ZAKS and ARGENTUM stores for rings, ornaments and other fancy jewelry – perfect as forever lasting and wearable souvenirs from Croatia. Summer sale is still on, and you can get up to 50% discount on silver and 25 % discount on golden items. Learn about the long tradition of Croatian jewelry manufacture, and afford yourself a luxurious wrist watch for 40% less than its original price.

The stores of these respective brands can be found in all the larger settlements of Croatia, coastline included. Let their crafty workers participate in your marrying schemes, and produce an engagement ring which will symbolize your love for as long as you live.


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