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Although Croatia is quite famous on global scale, a lot of the country’s features are quite unknown to general public. Here are just a few unknown facts about Croatia, which could inspire you to visit its gentle shores and lovely inland territories.

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The Name of the Capital

The Capital of Croatia has a rather original name. A legend says that a brave knight and a certain maiden ventured the valleys, when the lady felt strong thirst. The knight accidently discovered an underground spring, so they both begun to dig with their hands in order to broaden the flow. The maiden yelled „Zagrabite!“ or in English,  „Grab (the soil)“. The source of water was, in fact, a magical site and the couple decided to build a city on its place. Today, a fountain of Mandusevac resides on what is believed to be the place of grabbing.

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Dubrovnik was a Separate State

Although Dubrovnik is a renowned destination on Croatian coast, it was not always considered a purely Croatian territory. The beautiful city actually functioned as a city-state up to Napoleonic times, with its own government and diplomatic relations. This country, known in history as Ragusa, was an important player in Mediterranean affairs, known for liberal values and appreciation of personal freedom. However, it was always under Croatian cultural influence, finally leading to becoming a part of modern Croatia state.

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Many Uninhabited Islands

Croatia has hundreds of islands, yet the vast majority of them are without permanent population. That doesn’t necessary mean that they are uncontrolled wild lands. Most of them have a level of local infrastructure, such as promenades, roads and docks. Approachable by naval vessels, these islands are probably a perfect destination for people who’d like to have a swim on isolated, non-crowded beaches, surrounded with untouched nature.

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The Skies of Silver Stars

There are many factors which determine how starry the night skies are. One of the most important is the level of light pollution in the area. All urban settlements illuminate the skies, causing the starlight to lose contrast against the darkness of space. But if you are in a distant region, far away from such places, the stars shine with a strong and specific light. This makes astral exploration easy and interesting. Croatia has many such spots, including certain parts of Lika and a charming Island of Lastovo.

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Ghost Ships of Adriatic

In addition to having one of the cleanest seas in the world, Croatia also has something of interest under the Adriatic Waves. Deep beneath the surface, one can discover a number of sunken vessels and downed airplanes. Most of these found their fates during two World Wars, and are important underwater traces of history. They can be approached with scuba gear, providing the attendees with unique adventure.

These were just five unknown facts about Croatia. There’s more to be learned and experienced in this Mediterranean country, which eagerly waits for your visit. Download Croatia by Car and begin your fascinating voyage.

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