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Croatia is only getting its initial round of white layer at the moment. As such, it is a safe and reliable environment for runners, sprinters and marathon challengers of the world. And they are quite abundant in the country, not only because Croats tend to maintain their physical prowess, but since a lot of foreigners choose this country as their training-haven. Most notable example is Serena Williams, the renowned tennis player training in Istrian town of Umag. Check out her Croatian home-away-from-home here. But as the title suggested, this won’t be an article about racquet wielders. Five tips for running in winter are suggestions you should follow if you tend to try Croatia’s promenades, mountain tracks and training grounds during your long-distance trainings. Beautiful outdoors and friendly locals will add to your experience, but if you intend to make the most of your training sessions, follow these guidelines.

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Dress accordingly

Don’t be one of those silly beings thinking that short sleeves in winter conditions show endurance and determination. If temperatures measure between zero and ten degrees Celsius, don’t go on the training without at least 3 tops and 2 bottoms. Running in winter means having a gear for winter.

Power to your feet

If you are an experienced runner, you know pretty well that good shoes are worth every cent. In winter conditions, wear gear with extra resistance to wetness, and which provide stability in case you step on slippery ice. Invest in running socks which will control your sweat release without losing the capability to keep your feet warm.

Be visible

In winter, daylight is pretty scarce and in certain periods, night falls well before 6 p.m. No matter your running route, always wear colorful clothes which can distinguish you best in the environment. Buying reflective or florescent gear is also a great option. Also be aware of your surroundings. Having headphones turned to a maximum volume will put you at risk if you venture the traffic-heavy routes.

Maintenance runs

Clever runners don’t schedule their speed trainings in winter outdoors. In such conditions, running the maintenance kilometers and trying to beat longer distances are better training choices. Instead of a single session during which you try to break your maximum speed record, rather organize a two-part run of five kilometers each. That’s what running in winter is supposed to look like.

Keep the warmth

In the pre-run phase, make exercises which will turn on your blood flow without sweating. A few stretches or two minutes of going up and down the stairs should be sufficient. In the post-run, don’t waste time in sweaty gear. Change immediately, and drink hot beverages to help your body’s thermal recovery.


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