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If you are a traveler, you probably rely on modern social networks to share your globetrotting experiences.  Indeed, the only thing you need for that is a smartphone device with quality camera, an Internet access and the planet full of wonderful destinations. But a few tips for making your images even more attractive won’t harm either. Here are some tips on making perfect Instagram photos.

The Impressive Source of Kupa
Marko Vrdoljak

Don’t be Afraid of Colors

It is easy to become a victim of kitsch, but not if you are photographing something from the real world. Our planet is full of colorful natural sights and urban environments, so don’t hesitate to depict them in the way they truly are. Protip: you might benefit on this field from application called Snapspeed, which is easy to use and can contribute to your color management.

Care about Ordinary Life

Making perfect Instagram photos does not mean relying solely on technical craft. What the photos depict is as important as the expertise used to make them. In other words, do make unique images and concentrate on destination’s ordinary life. A woman selling exotic merchandize on market may be more interesting than an aerial photo of the market itself. An animal resting in shade can lead to a more attractive image than the one depicting an important piece of art.

From Japan to Croatia
Hrvoje Joe Topic

Learn the Value of Details

This rule is vital when taking photos of large buildings or structures of importance. Of course, you wish to note the grandiose nature of such sights. But don’t neglect the small bits that make these localities beautiful. You are not limited with the number of photos that you can share! If taking images of a large church, spend some of them on gargoyle statues. If you are photographing an eastern shrine, show the edges of their roofs or ornaments of their windows. Again, you may benefit from application Snapspeed on this field, as well as the one called Skew.

Know the Importance of Light

Of vital importance when photographing interiors- know how natural illumination functions in space. Understand that light defines many aspects of your photograph such as feeling of depth, clearness and atmosphere. Play with various features of your device and don’t forget that Instagram has a tool called Structure that can lead to better results.

Mirko Tisma

Spot the Contrasts

Conflicting elements of your image are not here to lower its quality but increase it. On its own, a gray wall may not be very interesting on a photograph. But when coupled with a yellow flower, it immediately gains attractiveness and influences the viewer’s imagination. Try to use contrasts whenever possible and think about how they change the results in your work.  For even better success, we suggest using an app called VSCO and its C1 filter.

These were our tips for making perfect Instagram photos. Think about them during your upcoming photo vacations in Croatia.

Featured Photo: Judit Szucs 


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