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It is one of the most frequently found decorative plants in Croatia. Aloe Vera likes local climate and looks great wherever you plant it in Mediterranean outdoors. But the green veggie is actually much more than a simple floral asset of one’s garden.  Aloe Vera is used to prepare a variety of health elixirs and may be very beneficial to one’s sense of well-being. Here are five things to love about this plant.

Safeguarding Immunity

Our bodies are under constant stress from environment and busy working schedules. This takes tool on our immunity. Consuming products made of aloe vera will add to your defensive capabilities, leaving you with more energy and feeling of ease. The products can also aid in case of inflammations and can be used even for preventive causes.

Smoothing the Skin

The gel of this plant is very beneficial to your skin. It can be used to fight rashes, allergies, acnes and other forms of issues. In addition, its appliance helps skin become more elastic, lowering the marks of age and adding to your young looks.

Great for Digestion

Drinking smaller dosages of aloe vera juice will cleanse your gut system from unwanted bacteria. This will lower their irritation and spare you from stomachache in the future. Your digestion will greatly benefit from this, allowing you to enjoy dining even more. So consider adding aloe vera to your nutrition.

Helping Your Blood Pressure

A relatively unknown feature of this vegetable is that it balances sugar levels in blood and keeps its pressure in line. People suffering from type 2 diabetes should be especially fond of the plant, as it can assist them in everyday life.

Easy to Have

These plants are not very demanding and care for them is relatively easy. You may plant them in flowerpots and situate them on sunny places (except in early spring, when shade is more desirable option). Watering should be made once a week in the summer and once a month in winter season.  Finally, the plant procreates through sprouts which are easily removed from the soil and can be transferred to a new pot.

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