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It is always good to familiarize with customs and laws of the country you are visiting, as it protects you from unpleasant events and police tickets. Don’t panic- Croatia is quite modern and western-oriented country, so you don’t have to be obsessed with an idea that you are doing something wrong. However, here are  five things not to do in Croatia- the most known transgressions tourists are usually associated with in the country.

Josko Ponos / CROPIX Agency

Boat Speeding

In last three years, Croatian coastal service has issued over 500 tickets to owners of boats and jet-ski vessels who were speeding in swimming areas. Such behavior is a huge threat to people enjoying their time on the beach, as hitting them can lead to fatal injuries. Propelling at high speed is forbidden on distances less than 300 meters from the shore. Be aware of this fact if you rent a vessel capable of high naval speeds.

Swimmer Trespassing

Following the first issue, swimmers are forbidden to exit protected areas. These usually cover the first 100 meters from the beach shore.

Luka Gerlanc / CROPIX Agency

Illegal Accommodation

If you are offered a stay in Croatia which is clearly a part of black market, you risk of being fined by country’s inspectors and staying without bed on your vacation. Always ask for legal check, as it proves that both you and your renter are doing the right thing.

Decent Clothes

Avoid wearing bathing suits or shorts in museums, theaters or sacral places such as churches or temples. This way you show your respect to such sites, and won’t fall in unpleasant situation of people forbidding you entrance.

Tea Cimas / Hanza Media

Seashell Stealing

Usually because of the sheer ignorance, certain inexperienced scuba divers decide to take underwater souvenirs such as pen shells or miter snails. These animals are protected in Croatia, and moving them from their natural habitat is subject to fine.

These was our short list of things not to do in Croatia. Read some more practices to avoid here.

As a destination of your vacation, Croatia is literally your new home. Keep it safe, secure and beautiful!

Featured Image: Josko Ponos / CROPIX Agency


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