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Situated in Sisacko-Moslavacka county of Croatia, Novska lies in the country’s northeast territories. It is a settlement far away from dense tourist traffic, which is why a lot of people begun to percieve it as a perfect vacation spot for relaxing, yet exciting weekend adventures.  Here is our short list of reasons to have vacation in Novska, or at least a few-days long excursion.


Gorgeous Natural Surroundings

Fall in love with fascinating natural landscapes which surround Novska.  The locals don’t need to reach Adriatic shores in order to have watery refreshment. All they have to do is splash themselves in Novljansko Jezero Lake, a great bathing spot with arranged beach and existent infrastructure. Another unique locality which can be visited is Lonjsko Polje nature park, a gorgeous swamp area full of life and cultural background.

Traditional Accommodation

Being in a nice hotel with five stars and great service is one way to stay in Croatia. The other is to lay your bags in original accommodation facilities with tons of unique features. Novska can offer you hospitality in two notable locations: “Ribicki Raj” estate and Eco-Ethno Village Strug. Both are made in traditional way of the locals, and will provide you with a charming interior and historical feel.


Active Vacation

Don’t perceive Novska as a place in which you can only peacefully stroll through natural scenery. If you wish adrenaline-filled experiences, the settlement is more than ready to deliver. Rent a bicycle and explore the beautiful pathways which surround Novska. Equip yourself with paintball equipment and engage in fictional combat battles.  Join fitness groups or have a pleasant evening in a local bowling alley. Test your fishing talents or visit tennis court with a partner for a challenging round of the white sport.

Sacral Dimension

If you are spiritual person interested in history, there are plenty of reasons to have a vacation in Novska. The town has several notable churches; the oldest being dedicated to St. Luke the Evangelist. It was built in 1744, and is richly decorated in Baroque way. And in case you seek tranquility for inner peace, you may take a walk through Novska’s town park.


Entertaining Excursions

The immediate surroundings of Novska are filled with interesting content, starting with a small local cheese factory called Grackovic. You can also visit a local ostrich farm and observe how these lovely beings accustomed to Croatian soil. Fundamentally, you may just have an excursion to local plains and lavender fields, and just enjoy the natural splendor.

These were our five reasons to visit Novska. Visit this place in Croatia, and add your reasons to have a stay on its lovely premises.


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