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The recent study conducted by Korean scientists has proven that drinking coffee might improve your cardiovascular system. Having a few daily cups of this black nectar will cleanse your veins from accumulated calcium, providing your metabolism with better workflow. Why is this of value to Croats? Because they are passionate coffee drinkers, and actually spend a lot of their time chit-chatting on terraces next to espressos and macchiatos. Here are five reasons to join Croatian Coffee Culture.

Social Bonding

Whenever you want to know somebody better in Croatia, the first step will commonly be an invitation to a cup of coffee. The true intentions can be formal, friendly or romantic. Whatever the case, it will start in the café. An average modern Croat has between three and five coffee meetings per week. So if you wish to get on good terms with Croat, coffee is the drink to go!

Intellectual Topics

Coffee culture didn’t just come to Croats out of nowhere. The practice can actually be traced up to days of Austro-Hungarian Empire, when distinctive members of community would comment on everyday events next to a cup at local inn. While the nation is no stranger to beer or wine, an intellectual conversation is usually backed up by a sip of dark liquid. In some cases, philosophy, politics, arts and literature might be replaced by common gossip- which is also an intel of a sort.

Improved Energy

Having a coffee-break is mandatory in many Croatian firms, and drinking some after a meal is also a common practice. This is not only because coffee has a strong taste and flavor which awakens the senses, but because caffeine blocks inhibitor adenosine. This in return increases the neuron activity, providing the drinker with a boost in memory, energy and cognitive functions.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that common coffee intakes can lower the risk of Type II Diabetes, Alzheimer ’s disease and Dementia. Parkinson’s Illness and certain cancer kinds are also affected, their rates being lower in case of coffee drinkers. Finally, the drink if full of antioxidants and can help you lose weight.

Rich Past

Each drink has a story behind itself, but the one belonging to coffee is of special value. Sometimes forbidden by moral authorities, and sometimes cherished by poems of famous artists, the dark nectar is not just a drinkable liquid, but an entire history bordered by cup’s sides. Learn more about coffee in dedicated cafés, especially the ones from this list.

These were five reasons to join Croatian coffee culture. Share some more in the comments section below!


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